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Trial By Special Judge

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An Alternate Path To Resolution

There are special occasions, as stipulated by the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, where parties may, with court approval, retain the services of a former District or County Judge in order to resolve a civil or family dispute. Such a former, or “Special” Judge may then oversee proceedings as an alternative means to resolving disputes that doesn’t involve a traditional courtroom trial.


Under the right circumstances, Trial by Special Judge provides a variety of advantages to parties seeking dispute resolution. As a former Texas State District Judge in Denton, Judge Isaacks is fully qualified and available to serve clients in the North Texas area in this capacity.


The Advantages of Trial by Special Judge over Traditional Litigation

When compared to traditional litigation, Trial by Special Judge offers parties involved in a dispute several distinct advantages:

  • With Trial by Special Judge, parties can select the judge of their choice instead of depending on whomever the court system appoints.
  • Because of the expedited process in a Trial by Special Judge, both parties save time and legal fees by avoiding the need to prepare for court over and over again.
  • Trial by Special Judge even allows parties involved in a dispute to set the date of the proceedings without the fear of there being a need to reschedule due to issues with other cases the court is handling.
  • Overall, dispute resolution is achieved far more quickly via Trial by Special Judge when compared to traditional litigation.

The Advantages of Trial by Special Judge over Arbitration

When compared to arbitration, Trial by Special Judge offers several different advantages as well:

  • Unlike arbitration where a decision can be binding and parties cannot appeal it, any decision made in a Trial by Special Judge proceeding can be appealed. All applicable statues and rules that govern traditional courtroom proceedings also apply to any decision rendered by a Special Judge.
  • This guaranteed right to appeal in Judge by Special Trial is retained through to the Texas Supreme Court.


By uniquely offering the privacy associated with ADR yet retaining the ability to appeal that typically only courtroom trials provide, Trial by Special Judge remains a strong third option for any qualifying parties facing unfavorable arbitration or litigation proceedings.


If you have a need for experienced, confidential, and objective judge for a trial by special judge proceeding, Isaacks Mediation & Arbitration Services is standing by.


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