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Vicki Isaacks joined Isaacks Legal in January of 2009 and began focusing her efforts on mediation, arbitration and special judging. Ms. Isaacks graduated from St. Mary’s School of Law in 1982 and has been practicing since then. She was also the presiding judge for the 393rd District Court of Denton County for 9 years, just prior to her mediation certification. When not working, Mrs. Isaacks enjoys sailing and horseback riding.

In mediation, Ms. Isaacks works as a neutral party to help up to four parties come to an agreement of terms. She finds that mediation provides a method for litigants to truly have a voice in the resolution of their disputes. Rather than leaving an outcome to chance in a court of law, parties to a lawsuit can use mediation as a means to personally craft a unique and workable solution to their problems. Family law matters in particular can benefit from mediation as a means to prevent escalating a difficult situation to levels that further damage the children and parties and increase hostilities. She believes that any dispute resolution process that paves the way for stabilization of families in litigation fosters better cooperation, long term, between parents and directly impacts the well being of children of divorce.

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To schedule a meeting or mediation with Ms. Isaacks, please contact Katie at 940-243-2010 or via e-mail at You can view her schedule here.

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