What is mediation?

Mediation is brings together litigants before a neutral party to help them resolve their dispute and personally craft a unique and workable solution to their problems.

How long does mediation take?

Isaacks Legal offers a wide variety of mediation options, from two-hours to full-days. If necessary, multiple days can also be scheduled for one mediation.

Is the settlement at mediation legally binding?

If everyone agrees to the mediation settlement, the mediator will prepare preliminary documents, and then the attorneys will prepare the final documents soon after. Once all parties sign the settlement agreement, it becomes enforceable like any other legal contract.

What if my case does not settle at mediation?

If your case does not settle, you may continue to pursue your case through litigation, arbitration or other legal proceedings that you and your counsel decide.

Will the mediator make a decision for us?

No. The mediator is not a judge or an arbitrator, only a facilitator for discussion.

What happens if we do not finish the mediation in the allotted time?

We will do our best to ensure that the mediation completes in the scheduled time, but if this does not happen, we will try to reschedule additional time at a later date.

Do all divorce mediations end in a Final Divorce Decree?

No, but if all parties are satisfied with the mediation settlement, their attorneys will draft and file a Final Decree shortly thereafter.

Will the mediator give legal advice?

The mediator acts as a neutral party, and therefore will not provide any legal advice to either party. However, if the mediator feels that an unrepresented party needs legal representation, it is within the mediator’s rights to stop the session.

Will the mediator testify at trial?

No. The mediator’s report will only detail the parties that attended, the result of the mediation, and occasionally, the mediation fees. The mediator will not be called as a witness to trial and the records from the mediation cannot be subpoenaed as evidence for trial.

To schedule Ms. Isaacks as your mediator, please view her schedule, and contact Katie at 940-243-2010 or via e-mail at Katie@isaackslegal.com.

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